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Time is running out for Cabler Endorsement


The ACMA deadline for the update to specialist skills is now just a few months away. From 1 July 2014, all cablers undertaking specialised cabling work must have attained the relevant competencies in order to perform specialised cabling work. Cablers who already have the equivalent endorsements will have these transitioned to competencies, so they won’t need to obtain anything extra.

Where cablers do need to obtain competencies, they can do so quite easily by attending and passing relevant courses. 

The new competency requirements took effect on 1 July 2012 with a two-year phase in period. Cablers who perform specialised cabling work and don’t have the applicable endorsements or competencies, need to act quickly, as the 30 June deadline is looming, and many of the applicable courses are booked out months in advance. So don’t leave it to the last minute to address your compliance to the new cabling regulations.

Failure to attain the applicable competencies doesn’t mean that a cabling registration will cease to be valid however. If a cabler doesn’t have the applicable competencies, it limits the scope of cabling work they’ll be able to perform.


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