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The 27 kilometer Large Hadron Collider (LHC) in Switzerland is back on line and ready to start smashing protons together in a search for new sub atomic particles. After a major refurbishment and upgrade taking more than 2 years, the collider is now ready to lead the search for more information on mysteries of the known universe including the origins and composition of dark matter and other dimensions.By accelerating counter rotating proton beams to just under the speed of light around the LHC and creating a collision between the beams, scientists ended up discovering the Higgs Boson particle in 2012. The Higgs Boson explains how other particles get their mass. This was achieved at 6.5 tera electron volts(TeV). The new improved LHC is now rated to 13 TeV. The LHC achieves these mind boggling speeds by using a successive acceleration points using 10,000 radio frequency cavities spread around the ring. Each cavity accelerates the protons until they reach maximum velocity. The beam is kept in focus by 9600 magnets. When the beam collision takes place, the resulting sub atomic debris contains the fragments of protons which is yields information and data on what until now has been pure theory and in many cases new information about the very nature of the universe. The Scientists at CERN say that eventually the LHC will produce a billion collisions per second. Sounds like they will be smashing many records over the next few years.


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