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NASA astronaut Terry Virts, aboard the International Space Station (ISS), and ESA telerobotics s..


Smart Wired for the people


TEX presented feedback from industry that has fundamentally led to the commencement of decoupling the term Smart Wired from its origins and licensing it back to industry. For years the term Smart Wired belonged to the Copper Development Corporation. There is agreement in principle between the CDC and industry that Smart Wired will be owned by Industry. This means that the industry will have the ability to use the term Smart Wired to generically describe the use of structured cabling and a number of other technologies including smart grids in residential and multi-dwelling units. This will dramatically change the acceptance of the concept of residential smart infrastructures in the eyes of builders, developers and home owners. TEX have been involved with the key working group responsible for development of an industry code of practice and associated handbook that will provide the Australian market with clear direction on what a Smart Wired home really is.


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