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Regulatory Reform for the 21st Century

17-Jun-2009 The Australian Government are in the process of re-writing the regulatory framework for the telecommunications industry as part of the plan to roll out the National Broadband Network (NBN). The submissions received by the Government in response to the consultation process total more than 120. The submissions were lodged by a wide range of parties including the carriers, Foxtel, ATUG, ACS, a range of companies and stake holders including us here at TEX. There were even submissions from local councils and the NRL and V8 Supercars! Strong opinions have been placed regarding elements including the structural separation of Telstra into wholesale and retail. There are a number of commentators who believe that the Government should negotiate with Telstra to obtain the use of their conduits and underground pathways for delivery of the FTTP network. Some very vocal responses regarding the use of aerial service delivery have been lodged. These cite the potential damage to infrastructure from large trucks and falling trees, not to mention the fact that some of the pole infrastructure itself is not the most aesthetic approach.We will be continuing to monitor the Government activity related to the regulatory environment. 

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