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Originally founded in 1997 in Sydney Australia, TEX Solutions is an independent, professional consulting and educational services organization with more than 30 years of practical business and technical experience in the technology industries sector. Our clients are some of the worlds largest corporations along with many Australian and New Zealand Government agencies and companies.

Our projects over the years have included building businesses from inception, through startup and onto regional and global recognition. With an emphasis on customer needs and an orientation towards achieving results, we understand how to build niche opportunities into profitable, sustainable businesses. 

We also have a solid foundation and proven track record in policy development, including involvement in creation of legislation for the Australian Government and the rollout of the National Broadband Network..

Our interests and skills also extend to operational best practices and the latest in assessing and identifying efficiency opportunities, cost savings, strategy development and rollout.

Beyond our extensive business experience we have a strong technical underpinning and a passion for innovation. We understand that no two projects are the same and our independence gives us the scope to assess the best solution for our clients needs. 

We have been involved in projects ranging from bespoke military deployments through to designing the entire communications infrastructure for one of the worlds tallest buildings to designing Data Centres. We have the skills, knowledge, commitment and experience to deliver world class results for our clients.

Following are just some of the services that TEX Solutions provides ;

Business strategy and mobilisation

Market research and planning

Business development

ICT Infrastructure Consultancy 

Design Development and Review

Specification Drafting and Review 

Data Centre energy efficiency assessment

Infrastructure Testing and Audit Services

Web Services and Integration 

Instructional Design and Development 

Project and Program Management

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