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FLUKE DSX Certification Courses



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CCTT DSX - 2 Day Classroom - A$950 + GST

The latest generation of copper and fibre standards based structured cabling systems, from Cat.5 to 7A, OM1 to OM4, and even OS1 and OS2, require thorough testing and certification to ensure that your IT systems will capture their maximum potential in both speed and bandwidth. Many cabling system warranty programs are only issued on submission of accurate cable test reports.

If you are in IT, you know that your cabling infrastructure is the foundation for your entire operation. The skills and knowledge required to accurately test and troubleshoot these cabling systems is harder to find than you may be led to believe. Many operators of test equipment are not certified to use the equipment. To ensure that your cabling is giving you the performance you have paid for, make sure it is tested and certified by a thoroughly trained and Certified Cable Test Technician (CCTT).


Fluke Networks, a world leader in test instrument  manufacture, have long been involved with the standards that govern the performance of these cabling systems. Fluke understand the complexity of test equipment and the skills and knowledge required to accurately and effectively test a cabling system. With more than 400 data fields per copper cable test, operators need to be capable of interpreting results quickly to minimise valuable on site time. 

Investing in the Fluke Networks Certified Cabling Test Technician™ (CCTT) two-day training and certification program will not only improve installer skills, but also their effectiveness and productivity when testing, certifying and troubleshooting cabling systems. Most importantly, you can be certain that the test results that a CCTT presents to you are accurate

Real world Training and Certification from the most experienced team on the planet

The new Fluke Networks CCTT course is delivered by Fluke's professional training partner, TEX Solutions. Globally, we are the longest standing Fluke CCTT authorised training company in the world. TEX Solutions are proud to have been delivering the CCTT training for Fluke for more than 20 years in Australia and New Zealand. We are proud to announce the launch of the 4th generation CCTT training program featuring the DSX5000.


The new course is full of brand new standards information, best practice testing procedures and new time saving technician tips. The course is comprised of two days;

  • Day 1 - Copper cable testing and test report analysis 
  • Day 2 - Fibre cable testing and test report analysis, for both Light source power meter (LSPM) and Optical Time Domain Reflectometer (OTDR) 

Both days include;

  • theory training
  • hands-on labs
  • exam/certification exercises

Technicians who complete these courses;

  • Will fully understand the standards and technology that drive high-performance cabling systems.
  • Can demonstrate their understanding in real world scenarios using the cable analyser to test, troubleshoot and achieve optimal performance of new high performance cabling installations.
  • Apply their training in a wide variety of applications.
  • Learn how to take advantage of the powerful diagnostics and analysis capabilities of the cable analyser to complete cabling certification projects professionally, on-time and within budget.
  • Qualify for 16 BICSI continuing education credits (CEC's)
  • Certified with a unique control number which is current for 2 years.

Recommended Prerequisites  

  • ACMA Open Registration
  • Structured Cabling System Endorsement or Cabling System Manufacturer Certification Training
  • a minimum of 6 months cabling experience

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